Spruce Beams

Spruce Beams

In recent years, the trend towards more ecologically friendly construction has motivated architects and engineers to use wood, a natural building material par excellence, in the most varied works as a distinctive architectural element. The charm of the wooden beams, and especially of the laminated wood, is in the possibility of the free configuration of the elements of wood and in its bearing capacity.

With the MM masterline mark Mayr-Melnhof Holz manufactures laminated beams according to DIN 1052-1 / A1, ├ľNORM EN 386.

High resistance to fire

A laminated wood support structure is, in the case of fire, safer than unprotected steel since a carbonized layer is formed around the central support which reduces the supply of oxygen and heat from the outside which considerably delays the combustion. A fire resistance of 30 minutes is achieved without problems and with appropriate sections can reach 60, 90 or more time, according to the normative requirements.

Type of wood: Spruce, Pine Laricio (on request)

Resistance classes: GL 24 h-c | GL 28 h-c | GL 30 h-c


Width (base of support): from 60 to 520 mm (in steps of 20 in 20 mm, from 260 mm is glued in block)

Height: from 80 up to 2,000 mm

Length: Standard of 12 and 13.5 mts

Maximum length: up to 30 mts


Visible quality: finish for static and optical requirements.

Industrial Quality: finish for static requirements, accepts defects of coloration, jumps knots, slight cracks, etc.

Glueing: Glue based on melamine resin, transparent in color, water resistant, I type glue according to EN301, approved for the gluing of components of bearing wood for indoor and outdoor environments.

Services: Machining (CNC), application of Lasur, calculation, assembly, advice.

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