Special beams

Special beams

Laminated elements of wood of the most varied forms, curves, arcs, angles, waves, zigzag, for the construction of roofs, domes or eaves of strong personality.

Know how and technology for mastering the imagination. They are the fundamental elements so that the most demanding creatives can say that everything is possible with laminated wood.

Production: According to DIN 1052-1 / A1, ├ľNORM EN 386 - ISO 9001

Type of wood: Spruce

Resistance classes: Standard S10 (C24) / On request, GL 24 | GL 28 | GL 30

Finishes: visible quality, finishes for both static and optical requirements.

Glueing: Colas, melamine type of transparent color, resistant to water are used.

Blade: Upon request of the design.

Dimensions: Variables according to design.

Maximum length: up to 30 mts.

Services: Technical advice, resizing, calculation, machining (CNC), surface treatment, transport.

Special Beams Catalog